Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Burning love-Black window 7”

I was almost wondering what had happened to Burning love. Seems they’ve got a new 7” out and they’ve signed to Southern lord. Cool, eh? I love Chris Conlan’s vocals and out of all his bands/projects, Burning love are right up there (along with Cursed, of course). This is more of the same rocky, groovy but still harsh heavy hardcore that they displayed on the demo 7” and the ‘songs for burning lovers’ LP. High anxiety have put this out and it’s on a nice colour of vinyl. Can't wait for their next full length. Hopefully another UK/European tour is coming. They totally floored me in 2009 when I last saw them.


Across Your Face said...

you just can't beat that purple vinyl!

Gavin said...

I've had their new LP 'Rotten Thing To Say' on constantly for the last week. It's a total monster of a record. Best thing they've done yet. The song Karla off this 7" is on it and re-recorded, sounds even better.