Monday, 25 June 2012

Death side- bet on the possibility LP

Another early 90's Japanese classic hardcore record. This one from the mighty Death side. This is their second LP which was released in 1991 by Selfish records. This is some awesome, raging shit. Like with a lot of Jap JC of the time there's an obvious but not overly metal influence.
 The Japanese have always prided themselves with superb production and presentation with pretty much everything they do (toys, art, comics etc) and that of course includes records. In fact Japanese imports are known for their normally lush and beautiful packaging (usually complete with obi strips) and even in the world of DIY hardcore punk where most things are put out on the cheap, no expense was  usually spared with Japanese pressings and this is a perfect example. It doesn't have an obi strip but it comes in a gorgeous heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve with superb artwork. No wonder this is a biggie with collectors of this stuff. Like with the Bastard LP I'm super stoked to have this. 2012 has certainly been my year as far as record scores have been concerned-and we're not even halfway through yet.

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