Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bastard-Wind of pain LP

As I've said before I'm no expert on Japanese hardcore but I'm starting to get more and more interested in it especially the 90's stuff. One of the big hitters from the early 90's was this LP. Not surprisingly it's become well sought after as it was self released by the band and has never had a repress (and boy if ever a record warrants one this it's this). There is the obvious Discharge influence but it would be unfair to tag this band as another D-clone as there's more to them than that also you'd never guess that this is 20 years old. It sounds so fresh and powerful you could be forgiven that it came out last week. That's the beauty of great timeless music. Super stoked to own this. Not I need a copy of their 7". Even a repress would suffice at this point.


Rick Smith said...

such a good record. i need to get my hands on this one day.. i just need to man up and drop some money..

you can still pick up the reissue here

Mark-Sandwell said...

cheers man, will have a nosey.