Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bitter end-Illusions of dominance LP

I'm not really a fan of a lot of this kind of stuff these days because it reminds me that most people at hardcore shows dance like morons with that stupid windmilling  and kickboxing shit. It looks like they're fighting invisible people apart from hitting innocent bystanders. Anyhow I've been with Bitter end since the beginning and I'm partial to a bit of solo moshing around my front room (who's the idiot now?) and these boys provide the perfect soundtrack.
Deathwish are one of those labels that release too much different colour vinyl of one record where it doesn't actually bother me which one I get now. This is probably the most common colour. Who cares?
 This is the band's best release yet in my opinion and I'd say definitely one of my favourite hardcore records of this year. It may be a bit too metallic for the purists but it reminds me of a lot of the stuff that got me into this shit in the first place and great lyrics too.

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