Friday, 11 December 2015

New York City hardcore together 7" Yellow

Well, another huge item to the collection and another one I seriously never imagined actually owning the Together comp on yellow.
Okay most people know that this is usually stamped out of 100 on the dust sleeve and the B-side label but as you can see below that this one isn't. After a bit of enquiring it turns out that a small handful were given to bands unstamped and the others were numbered for mailorder which begs the question how may really exist? It's tough to answer especially with it being an early Rev release because as the webmaster dude informed me no real records of  pressing information were kept back in the day. A lot of the info on the site has been painstakingly compiled by employees' vague recollections and receipts from the pressing plants or by rabid collectors. I know this actually belonged to a member of warzone at one time. Whatever the deal is I'm super stoked to own this.

 Hard to believe that under four years ago I didn't own a single copy of this record despite being after it forever. When I finally got the black vinyl I was over the moon but now having every colour? Chuffed doesn't cover it. Here's a group pic of the boys. What's next, a test press perhaps?


mcs said...

They're stamped on the inside of the sleeve. Not on the dust sleeve.

geoff said...

it took me forever to find the stamp on the b-side label. mine had worn away and wasnt obvious at all.