Monday, 28 December 2015

Minor threat-s/t 7" first press

The odd thing about grabbing this first press minor threat 7" is that I originally had no intention of ever owning it, in fact if it hadn't had been part of a package deal involving one of my absolute all time wants (that post is coming soon) then I more than likely would have never bothered to hunt one down as I'm not really a dischord collector and I already have a fourth press (with the blue sleeve). Saying that, when it showed up I was glad that I did make the purchase as it's a really nice item in superb condition (as well as an all time classic record).
 What makes this even cooler is a personalised note on the back of the lyric sheet by a certain Mr Rollins who used to work at the label before he moved out of DC to join Black flag. He was a go lucky happy chap even back then.
Pretty damn happy with this. I'm trying not to get pulled into the Dischord collecting game but I feel that I need to chase after a copy of 'In my eyes' on red vinyl. Maybe one for 2016?

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