Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Slayer-Hell awaits demos 1984 LP

Must admit I’m finding the new blogger set up a bit of a pain in the ass.  Anyway onto interesting topics-namely a new Slayer demos LP. A bit ago a ‘Reign in blood’ demos  bootleg album turned up. Now someone has wisely decided to unleash a ‘Hell awaits’ one. I know people who actually regard ‘Hell awaits’ as their favourite Slayer record. For me it’s the unholy trio of ‘Reign in blood’, ‘South of heaven’ and ‘seasons in the abyss’. I never really got into ‘Hell awaits’ as much, partly due to the production. I always thought the songs sounded great live though. So this is raw although the quality isn’t actually too bad at all. It’s really one for the Slayer die hards which I class myself one of.  My copy is on red and numbered out of 500. I know there are different colours out there but I don’t know if there are 500 of each or there are just 500 in total. I do know these are selling for pretty big money on the bay. Glad I managed to grab one at a regular price.

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