Saturday, 26 May 2012

Infest-Machismo 7" CLEAR

In this sometimes often nitpicking, elitist and snobby little world we call Hardcore, Infest are one of the few bands that appeal to the majority of the sub genres and sub divisions contained within it (pop punk and Emo excluded of course). I mean there’s not many bands that Grindcore fans, Crusties, power violence kids and Straight edgers can mutually share their love for but Infest have always seem to achieve that remarkable feat. I first got into Infest back in the early 90’s with their 2nd 7” and then their ‘Slave’ 12”. Despite having a basic bootleg it was 1997 until I finally picked up an original of their first 7” on draw blank records. I thought it was a huge deal at the time. I guess it was, really as everyone was after that record. I never envisioned owning a clear vinyl (or a purple one). Even back then it seemed like a pipe dream so I never even bothered attempting to track down a copy and if the offer hadn’t had come to grab one this week I probably never would have ever tried to get it.

 An old bud announced on facebook that he was selling some of his stuff. Since this guy has been around forever I suspected there would be some real gems in there but I never expected to bag this. Typically it was the most expensive thing on his list but still considerably cheaper than the $380-580 that it commands on Ebay on the rare occasion it does actually go up for sale. Actually this guy I got it off used to sell copies of the 7” for the band here in the UK  back in the day so they gave him a clear copy for his own collection. Just 100 of these on this colour. There is a difference between the sleeves, my regular copy comes in a paper sleeve where as this one is card. Also on the back cover, the regular copy just says ‘Press;1000 ‘ and this one says ‘press; 100; and is numbered. I’ve compared the two in the middle photo above.

The guy didn’t want to sell on ebay as he wanted it to go to a good home, well it certainly has. More like a high security prison actually as there’s no chance of this bad boy breaking free.

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mcs said...

A truly awesome score there, Mark. Well done!