Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Judas Factor-Ballads in Blue China LP

I decided to take a trip shopping yesterday in Manchester. I very rarely ever go in vinyl exchange never mind actually buy stuff from there as their prices are usually ridiculous and most of the staff are assholes too. In fact it annoys me that most other record shops are either struggling or folding and they always seem to be doing well. Where’s the justice?

So anyway I decided to actually go in and have a root around. Most of the stuff in the punk/hardcore section was stupidly overpriced but I did have joy digging this out for £5 and it was in their blue sticker sale with a further 25% off so for £3.75 I couldn’t complain.

For some reason I bought this on CD back when it got released in 1999 and skipped the vinyl, What a fool!!! This is only on black so I still need a colour copy.

I absolutely loved Rob Fish’s previous band Ressurection-they played a mesh of hardcore and metal that was kinda hard to put in either category. The Judas factor was an extension of that. This was some soul raging, abrasive noisy shit with Rob’s trademark vocals pouring the venomous icing on the already rotten cake. Listening to this album in 2012 it hasn’t lost any of it’s power. I’m glad I got this. I think a Judas factor revival in my life is already starting.

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