Sunday, 4 March 2012

Purson-Rocking horse 7"

I saw London's Purson at the beginning of this year in my home town and was pretty disapointed to be honest. I had heard them prior via download and enjoyed those tracks but they didn't deliver live. Worse still, according to my friend, whose band played with them, they were a bunch of arrogant rockstar wankers with a complete prick of a tour manager. All they kept going on about that night was 'we've got a single coming out on Rise above'. Anyway I was surprised when it sold out on pre-order and even more surprised when my local store managed to somehow obtain a few copies. Basically the pressing info is 100 on clear (which I had no chance of scoring, maybe on ebay for an arm and a leg)250 on clear purple and 250 on black. I still picked one up knowing that if I had didn't like it then at least I'd get my money back off ebay. As it turned out I do like these two tracks. When I saw them in January I described them as a poor man's (or woman's) Blood cermony sans the flute. Even though they still remind me of BC, there's a bit more going on to describe them as a cheap knock off of another band. Who knows, maybe they'll achieve the same success of some of the other bands on the rise above roster. Selling out a pre-order vinyl release within a day or so is pretty impressive in this day and age especially when it's your debut release.

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