Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bolt thrower-Realm of chaos LP White

I've sold and traded plenty of records over the years and really regretted it afterwards and thought I'd never see some of them again. I'm happy to say one of them has finally returned home today. I first picked up a white copy of the second bolt thrower album for just 3 quid in the late 90's. The truth was that I only got it for trade but the motherfucker I sent it to never sorted me out anything for it and ripped me off. I then discovered how rare it was and started to wish I'd just kept it for myself. With the rise in prices for bolt thrower vinyl I thought I'd never see a copy again so I just made do with my black copy. Recently a friend was selling some stuff and mentioned that he had this and asked if I was interested. It only took a nano second to answer yes. Apparently 2000 were pressed in this colour which seems a lot but try finding one. One isn't even listed on popsike so I've no idea how much this would be worth. The black vinyl sells for a fair price alone.It doesn't matter anyway as I've no plans to ever get rid of this copy.

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