Saturday, 3 September 2011

Ringworm-scars LP

Scary to think it’s over 18 years since I discovered the mighty Ringworm with their classic debut album ‘the promise’. I was obsessed with Integrity at the time so anything that sounded similar I just had to have and with Ringworm also being from Cleveland appealed even more. Although similar to the metallic hardcore that Integ was pumping out Ringworm still had a distintive style with human furnace’s vocals and the shredding guitar work. It made for some great music. Nearly two decades later we have a new album and it kicks fucking ass. The band have gotten more death metal influenced musically over the years but it’s still hardcore at heart and it still sounds like Ringworm. 500 pressed on vinyl and I got one of the 100 clear smokey ones. It’s definitely one of my picks for my favourite releases of 2011 so far. Get on it

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