Monday, 29 August 2011

SerpentCult-Weight of light LP die hard

Another heavy band from Belgium fronted by a female singer, this time on the mighty Rise above label. I bought this superb crushingly heavy doom LP when it came out in 2008 but noticed that RA still had some of their die hard editions in their store which is surprising after all this time really. I’m guessing this wasn’t a big seller for the label and seems to have slipped under the radar with many fans which is a shame as it’s a real gem of a record. The die hard version is limited to 300 copies on a nice white splattery vinyl with a bonus 7” and poster.

Like hardcore I do love my doom stuff too and this is a perfect example why. They played at a rise above special show in London back in 2008 headlined by the mighty Electric wizard. I had a ticket and a hotel booked and was really looking forward but there were heavy showers and rain throughout the country and many of the train lines were closed down as a result (any fucking excuse) so I ended up missing the show. I was just a bit pissed off. Anyway it’s nice to have another copy of this album.

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