Friday, 23 September 2011

Betrayed-Substance LP

One of the unsung classic sXe records from the last decade for me is 'Substance' by Betrayed. Fronted by Aram who did time in Champion and now runs the cool but ultra slow (mailoder wise) React records. I got a blue copy (328 pressed) this week so it goes next to my white copy (of 622). These are from the first pressing and there was also a pink vinyl of just 218 and a black test press of just 10 which of course I don't own. A second pressing of 1030 copies were all on white vinyl with a different B side label. I'm even listening to it as I type this stupid nerdy info. Great stuff.

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Mike said...

I remember being somewhat disappointed with this LP. Following up the first 7 inch, this album seemed to be missing some of the same dirty aggression. That said, I still love this fuckin' LP.