Friday, 16 September 2011

NoFX-Hardcore covers 10"

What the hell? A NoFX record in my collection? My mate sent me a link to this EP on youtube a bit back and thought I'd like it because it was covers of old classic bands like Agnostic front, Stretchmarks etc. He was right. I'd certainly never heard that side of NoFX before. Anyway that got me looking on the sites for a copy. It was released on two formats- a 7" and one sided 10" on Fat wereck chords. Both colour versions had sold out (as is the way with fat wreck-a label that still does limited colour releases like labels used to before vinyl became a serious collector's only format-bless 'em). I decided to have a look on the bay and managed to bag a reasonably priced copy (before postage costs). The packaging in minimal to say the least. Just the nofx hardcore symbol spoof on the front and a sticker. No track listing or anything. Not even a fat wreck logo anywhere. So there you have my first and probably only ever NoFX record. Blimey!!!


Lins87 said...

what Stretchmarks song do they do???

Mark-Sandwell said...

'Profesional punks'.