Monday, 4 July 2011

White stripes-Elephant LP Red/white

I know, I know. I actually only got into this band a couple of years ago kind of by accident. I obviously knew of them before but had never paid any attention to all the raving that the press and everyone was doing about them. I was reading a bunch of old Maximum rock n’ roll mags I had dug out and found an interview with them in one of them. I was shocked because I couldn’t believe that they had once been that underground and how big they had become since. I decided to check out this album out as they had it cheap in my local store and really got into it but recently started listening to them again and got the urge to start getting more of their stuff. I have some catching up to unfortunately. Lucky for me this double coloured vinyl turned up cheap on the bay the other week and I managed to grab it. I say cheap, by comparison to how much it normally fetches. This is still my favourite album (that I have heard by them-I don’t have them all). It’s brilliant and varied and uncompromising too-it doesn’t sound mainstream at all yet obviously a lot of the music buying public fell for them. I just wish I had gone to see them live now

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