Sunday, 17 July 2011

Septic death-Time is boss 10”

The insanity of record collecting sometimes isn’t just getting records that you don’t want to play (like ultra rare items, test presses etc), or records you can’t play (like the Slight slappers 2” that slapaham records put out). It’s also getting records that you don’t even want to listen to like this Septic death live 10” but get anyway just for the sake of completion. The reason I don’t want to play this record is because the sound quality is beyond dreadful. The first copy I ever scored off Ebay a few years back had a disclaimer off the seller about the quality of the sound. An unusual way to try and sell something but at least he was honest. Still such things don’t deter me because I’ve been a Septic death fan since the late 80’s and although I realistically can’t see me owning everything by them I still can’t resist picking their stuff up-even if it is shit. Hey, at least the sleeve looks cool if nothing else. I picked up a red copy in a trade recently and it looks pretty good next to the green one I already have. These were limited to 1000 a piece I believe and there’s a splatter vinyl of just 100 copies out there too. Deluxe records who put this out also released a Gang green 10” which was pretty rubbish as well (although it didn’t sound as bad as this). Still another item to add to my ever expanding Septic death collection, even if it’s staying on the shelf.

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David M. Sams said...

Cool post. I am in agreement on this record. I probably won't let go of it, but I never throw it on either.

On a side note, in the Deluxe 10" series, there is also the Drunk Injuns 10" (which I like better than their LP) and a Tupelo Chain Sex 10" which is kind of an acquired taste.