Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Iron Maiden 7”s

One thing I’ve started to regret over the last few years is getting rid of my Iron maiden collection in the late 80’s. It was a good collection too (pic discs, coloured vinyls etc) but as soon as I got properly into hardcore I took it to my local record store and did a trade against some LPs (No EBay back then) and got ripped off. Anyway although it would be painful (let alone expensive) to start collecting Maiden stuff again I decided a bit ago I’d still like some of the early stuff on original pressing. A guy at work said he had the first two 7”s so I kept pestering for him to bring them in and he kept forgetting-after a while I thought he would never get around to it but this morning I thought I’d drop him an email and he’d remembered to fetch them. Stoked, wasn’t the word!! Anyway here’s the first two 7”s ‘Running free’ and ‘Sancturay’, both released by EMI waaay back in 1980. Most of the Iron maiden picture sleeves are amazing but these are two of the best in my opinion especially ‘Sanctuary’. When Margaret Thatcher dies I reckon there should be a punk festival in celebration of her death and this artwork should be on the flyer. Quite fittingly I’m off to see Maiden this Thursday so this has psyched me up even more. Up the irons!!!!!


Mike said...

I've got a pretty good collection of Maiden 7 inches...although Running Free, Sanctuary, and Purgatory are a few big holes that I still need to fill. Have a good time at the show....yeah, I'm jealous!

Mark-Sandwell said...

Haha-it's pretty cool when you score cool records through work. It's not the first time it's happened, a few years ago a woman brought a box of punk 7"s that belonged to her husband, an ex-punk who now happens to be a copper.