Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Double negative-Hardcore confusion Volumes 1&2

What’s better than a new Double Negative 7”? Why two new Double Negative 7”s of course. Now if I was cynical (which I’m not-honest) I could moan that these 4 tracks that weigh in at under 10 minutes long would easily squeeze on one single piece of vinyl but let’s be honest don’t they look awesome together? DN records always seem to have lavish and awesome packaging and these are no exception. Musically you know what you’re getting too-quality hardcore punk from people who have been around longer than a good part of today's hardcore scene were even born yet play fresh, innovative and exciting music and don’t depend on living on past glories like a lot of old timers do. Sorry state have put this out and they’re limited to just 500 a piece so get yours now or cry later.

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