Saturday, 12 March 2011

Rot in Hell/Horders-split 7"

Feast of tentacles records just put this out, you can never have enough Rot in hell records in my opinion although anyone expecting the raging holy terror metal they normally belt out may be a bit surprised, shocked even as their two tracks are both acoustic numbers with proper singing. The lyrics to the first song are amazing by the way. Horders, on the flip side, are a band (!) that I know nothing about, could be it something related with Rot in hell? Anyway their two tracks are both instrumental, quite sublime and really nice.
The pre-order version of this fine release comes on lovely blue vinyl and limited to 100 I believe with a cool guitar plectrum.

I also got a test pressing, numbered 7/10 off my good mate Mark which was a really nice and not to mention cool surprise gift, many thanks dude,

I haven't posted anything to do with their long awaited album on Deathwish yet but trust me it's coming.


POI Nx16 said...

Cheers Mark.
Horders is the aural incarnation of the incredible artist GIVE UP.

mcs said...

nice test there, beavis.

WHIPS! said...

you might like this

they are friends of mine the singer was the owner of vinyl addict records that put out the rot in hell braindead split with feast on tentacles