Friday, 18 March 2011

Judge-New York Crew 7" Schism first press

Crikey is it really 22 years since I first bought a copy of this classic hardcore record? I remember picking up a brand new third pressing on Schsim from Alans record shop in Wigan (now just a BMX/skate place)for about 3 quid-those were the days, eh? Shame this first pressing wasn't as cheap but I guess with the existence of eGay and the fact that is a classic of that golden era I could have paid a bit more. So now I have two Schism pressings. So what really needs to be said that hasn't been said about this great record already? I remember being stunned at the time how aggressive and seemingly militant the straight edge lyrics were. A bit of a contrast compared to the usual positive approach of Youth of today's stance on straight edge. I mention that because Porcell (who played bass/guitar on this) was also a member of YOT, as you already probably know. And I didn't even know who Blitz were at the time when I heard Judge's cover version of 'warriors'.
Anyway a 1000 copies of this were pressed in 1988, followed by second and third pressings in the same quantity followed by a repress by Revelation with a much glossier and slicker looking colour cover (which kind of diluted the primal and raw approach of the original release). A bona fide classic.

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great great record, check my page as well. hope u can link it mate