Friday, 11 March 2011

Dead and gone test presses

Dead and gone records sadly called it a day last year. In their few year existence they released 40 records including a few that have rightfully gone on to be highly acclaimed like the Champion'promises kept' LP, the first SSS LP (before it was re-released by earache) and so on. Even many of their earlier releases were awesome but seem almost long forgotten now like numbers 11 & 12 which I aquired the test presses of this week.
Number 11 was the Fifty on red 7". Fifty on Red were a straight edge band from Leicester (hey, nobody's perfect) and their 2005 E.P. was really good. This marks my 4th copy of this record. At least it's the rarest (and was the most expensive). That cover is pretty rubbish though.

Costing me even more was the On thin ice 7" test pressing. OTI featured the legendary Nate Dean (who now sings in Rot in hell), they also did a split with Down to nothing (which D&G released over here, while Grave mistake records did the stateside release). Totally plain looking but limited to only ten copies.

Seems mad forking out money for a couple of records that even most people in hardcore hardly remember but I guess apart from being a obsessive idiot I'm just trying to preserve a bit of UKHC history.


Nathan said...

THE OTI test press should have come with a sleeve.
The band copies all came in black on black csreened sleeves with the wolfs head logo on the front and FENRIS JUGEND RISE on the back.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Hmmm... I bought it direct from Ian so maybe he just did covers for the band members...

Nathan said...

I made the covers mate, thought i sent him some for the other copies.
Guess not!