Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ELECTRIC WIZARD Black masses LP DIE HARD box set

Well here it is, at long last. I got very lucky with this one. I knew the pre-orders would go up without warning so I kept checking and checking the website and one morning while at work via phone I saw they were finally up so I grabbed one and unsurprisngly they were sold out within hours. That was about 2 months or so ago but feels longer. I got more anxious waiting for this to arrive especially seeing that they are selling for as much as over £250 on egay already. Excuse me but that's fucking crazy. Anyway here's my copy. Limited to just 400 in a nice box with a patch, poster and comic and on black vinyl. There are 7 other different colours available and like a sad bastard I bought them all. The first time I can say I own every pressing of one electric wizard album (except the test of course). Anyway this album rules and I'm stoked to have this.

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