Monday, 21 February 2011

Integrity Harder they fall flexi

Damn, I know I haven't posted for a while but my camera kept fucking up so I've had to dig out my old one which isn't as good. I have loads of shit to post so let's get on with it-following from my last post which concerned the A389 bash last month in Baltimore (which I didn't go to) my good buddy Mark picked up something else too-a flexi disc of Integrity's harder they fall demo which was done especially for the show by organised crime records. Yes, I know flexi discs suck-they sound horrible and I'm always scared of putting them on my deck in case they crumble or something. Anyway it's Integrity so any format is acceptable. There were two different versions of this the black one which numbered 71 of 65. No, I don't understand either but apparently these went before the doors were even open.

And the white cover/clear version which is numbered 105 of 150. Both come with a download cupon so you don't have to even play the things.

Again, mucho thanks to Mr Breadman for getting me these. Stoked.

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