Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Never again-Pressure 7"

Since I'm old, don't go that many gigs like I used to and basically a bit out of the loop with things I forget that there's quite a few great hardcore bands in the UK at the moment. One of these is the mighty Never again. They've already had a discography of their first year output pressed recently (with the tracks off this on it)so that shows they definitely have a strong following in their short time. This is their debut 7" and is just limited to 200 on this splattery colour. The black vinyl version was selling for nearly a tenner the other week on eGay so I was surprised when I won this for nearly half that much a few days later. Maybe it was because it didn't have 'sXe' in the listing's title. Anyway this is fine sXe hardcore which is nice and rough and unpolished unlike a bands playing this stuff. The lyrics are pissed off and instantly click with me. Hell, even at nearly 40 I can still relate to that, especially after a shit day at work dealing with bell ends. Bands and records like this keep me sane. Anyway check out their discog LP (on holy roar).

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