Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Comus-First utterance LP Repress

What you say is an early 70's folk album doing up on my blog (never mind living in my collection). Well this is no ordinary folk album my friends. Forget the beards, jumpers that a lot of that lot used to wear this is one of the strangest sounding records ever. I knew when Rise above repressed it that is was going to be worth a nosey and I was right-this is a pretty damn good record. The original on Dawn records is highly sought after and worth a lot of money. We're talking £450+. This version I picked up is the die hard edition which is limited to 300 and is on black wax with an exclusive 10" single and poster and comes in a nice black slip case sleeve. As per usual with Rise above die hard versions it wasn't cheap but since they usually sell out fast they prove to be worth the investment. I read in Record collector a few months ago that they have reformed and are doing gigs again but I can't imagine this working in a live setting-it's more suited to being a soundtrack to a fucked up dream or something-or maybe as background music late at night while you're reading.

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