Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stupids-Jesus meets the stupids LP reissue

I was still at school when I bought this album, well actually my mum bought it for me. I was off school sick and she was in town shopping so I gave her a fiver and piece of paper with the name of this album scribbled on it and she came back with a shiny new copy of this classic album. Fuck, that was like 1988. Anyway the stupids were always my favourite UK band. I came from metal and crossover rather than just straight up punk so I always perfered the US style of hardcore and these guys did too and they played it as good as their comptemories. A few years ago the stupids back catalogue was re-released mainly on Boss Tunage (although Visible noise records put this out). They weren't cheap initially so since I had them all on original anyway I decided to wait until they came down in price and they did so I'm only missing one now (Van stupid)which I'm sure I'll snag sometime. This was always personally my favourite Stupids album. From the rip off intro (or homage) of ACDC's 'walk allover you' this was great from start to finish. This is a nice looking (and sounding) re-release with a lush gatefold sleeve and on green vinyl, limited to 500. Some copies of the original on vinyl soloution came with a bonus white vinyl 7" which tracks aren't included on here. No great loss really as it truly is daft.

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Yung-star said...

I picked all of these up last year. Great records.