Friday, 31 December 2010

Best of 2010

Personally it hasn't been the greatest year of my life (although definitely not the worst) but what 2010 has been is a great year for music (to these years anyway). Seriously I was talking to a mate at work who has similar musical tastes and he shared the belief-2010 was fucking awesome for music. So here's my best.

Best records of 2010.
Integrity-The blackest curse (deathwish). Best Integ release since 'to die for'. Nuff said.
Off!!-The first 4 x 7"s (vice). Awesome Keith Morris fronted supergroup. Still one of the best vocalists in hardcore.
Black breath-Heavy breathing (Southern lord) Entombed worship!!!
Cathedral-The guessing game (century media) This was a real surprise and definitely split opinions-you either loved it or hated it and I was one of the former group.
Electric wizard-Black masses (Rise above) This was always going to be great. The wizard can do no wrong (on record at least).
Ghost-Opus eponymous LP (Rise above) Another surprise-one that took a bit of getting into but once it hit the spot that was it-awesome.
Bloodtype-s/t (Cowabunga)Awesome pissed off sxe. Just straight and direct-no messing about. The way hardcore should be.

Plus many more LPs and 7"s by Heratys, Ceremony, Witchsorrow etc. Heck I'd be here all day.

Best reissues;
Chronic sick-cutest band in hardcore 12" (No way)
Brutal truth-Extreme conditions...LP (Earache)
Comus-First utterance (Rise above)

Best gigs
Unbroken/Ceremony/Disemboddied/Rot in hell-London October.
Orange goblin/Firebird/Solace-Manchester December
Urban blight-Birmingham September
Cokebust/Rot in hell-leeds October
Magrudergrind-Leeds May
Al thawra-Preston June
Bloody pheonix-Preston August

Let's hope 2011 is another great one. Happy new year everyone and all the best.

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Mike said...

Man, that Ghost LP is amazing. I can not stop listening to it.