Friday, 24 December 2010

Electric wizard-Black masses LP Blue

When I found out that this was getting released I was determined to snag a die hard version and I was lucky enough to do so although it hasn't turned up yet. Anyway on my way home from work yesterday I nipped in my local record shop, saw this in and couldn't resist buying another copy. There are 7 different colours of this LP in the first press and that's not including the die hard box (which is on black vinyl). No doubt Rise above records will do a second pressing (with a million more different colours)
This blue one is limited to 400 and is a nice colour me thinks. Anyway onto the music, you know what you're getting with the Wizard. Awesome doom metal. Unsurprisingly this is one of my favourite albums of this year. I've been bumping it on my Ipod for about two months but finally it's on the format in my collection that matters.
Stay tuned for a post about the die hard box (when it arrives!!)

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