Monday, 6 December 2010

Hellnation-At war with Emo 5"

Slapaham records are easily one of my all time favourite labels. In the 90’s I used to buy religiously anything they put out. Most of the releases are definitely what you would term as classic. I used to buy direct from the label as it was usually the only way you could get the limited colour version (which were usually in runs of 200). These were the days before paypal where you would trundle off to the travel agents or bank and exchange British money for some dollars, put them in an envelope, send them off and hope for the best. The only Slapaham record on colour from round this era I missed out on was this cute little 5” and it’s because my mate got some in for distro so I settled for a black one although I did try and wrangle the only colour copy he got sent off him. Although he wasn’t a vinyl collector nerd like me he decided to keep it, probably just to annoy me. When he finally agreed to sell or swap it me he couldn’t find it. That was his story anyway. Well, let’s skip to twelve and a half years later and I’ve finally got myself a copy. Although it’s not a pricey item or anything it has been a toughie to track down so I got lucky when someone posted a set sale list on a forum and I managed to grab it-at long fucking last.
I love the colour-I always thought it would be one of those shitty see through type yellow vinyl records but it’s a nice solid one. Although it does actually play on my deck I still hate playing records this size-a right ball ache. You missed the groove and that’s your needle fucked.
Great thrash-Hellnation always delivered the goods and you’ve gotta love the title of this record too. Emo was a bit of a problem in hardcore at the time-this was before it turned into the pseudo Goth shite that plagues society these days. Wankers!! Still have a few holes to fill in my slapaham collection including the Neanderthal 7” on purple although I’m not holding my breath for that one turning up on my doorstep anytime soon.

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mel said...

I have never played my copy, on crusty black vinyl ha, ha, nor any of my 5"s. The arm of the stylus lifts all the time.