Sunday, 28 November 2010

H-100's-Live LP

I've been a fan of Cleveland hardcore since the 90's when I discovered the greatness of Integrity et all. The h-100's were a band that seemed to stand out of that scene. Featuring local legend Tony Erba-there was just something so primal and nihilistic about them. Non-comercial records have released this historial document-a live show recording from 1995. The quality is pretty decent-as it's from a soundboard (not a shitty tape recorder like some records are). This is a supossed one off pressing of 500 with just 200 on colour and the rest on black. The screen printed sleeve is basic yet effective. Someone should put all the 7"s on one LP, surely they would sell well. Anyway I'd advise you grab one of this before they vanish. 'm glad that I did.

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