Saturday, 13 November 2010

DS13-Killed by the kids LP (Havoc records) Clear

Jeez I'm getting lazy with this blog. I need to sort that shit out. Anyway I got something in the post this week I'd been after for ages-the DS13 'killed by the kids' LP on clear, the most limited colour of just 100. My main reason for wanting this was to complete the set-I have the marble colour (2500 pressed) and the Thrashfest edition on orange (300) so I'm happy to get this. Cheers to Mel for the trade. DS13 were from Sweden and played straight up thrashy hardcore punk and it for a brief period in the early 00's everyone liked them although they don't seem as largely remembered as they should be. I love this LP. Everything about from the basic production, the lyrics and the awesome Pushead sleeve just scream out what hardcore punk is all about (to me anyway).

1 comment:

mel said...

Nice to see it in a good home.
ps. I believe there were 500 on clear, the first press.