Friday, 19 November 2010

Strife-In this defiance LP Grey

I managed to grab this again. It marks my second copy as believe it or not somebody gave me a warzone 7" on orange for it many years ago. I have to say I've never even heard it since then let alone owned it. It's a really good record as well although not up to the standard as their debut 'One truth' which is a sXe classic. Not sure how many these were limited to. Knowing Victory back then I'd guess around 500 or below. I have good memories of seeing Strife back in the 90's when they toured the UK. The first time was with Sick of it all and they stole the show easy and the next time was at the 1 in 12 club where a fight broke out in the pit. Actually it was a beating as the guy got pummeled. It wasn't nice. This album is though and it's good to have it back in my collection.

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