Friday, 1 October 2010

Mass grave box set

Just proves that bargains can still be found on eGay every now and again-granted it doesn't happen very often to me but the other week I did get lucky and managed to score this beauty for just £11.50, not bad when it usually fetches at least 35 quid.
I'd been after this for a while and just very recently missed out on a copy when my mate sold his copy to someone else (for quite a bit more) who just beat me to the post, anyway that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I wouldn't had gone looking for this copy.
This was released my Malfunction records and limited to 150 copies and featured the last pressings of the 7"s by Barfight, Wheelbite, Count me out, Worn thin, Time flies and Give up the ghost (american nightmare), all on a gold vinyl. It's great to have this as I didn't have some of these records in the original 7" format (like I only have the Barfight one sided 12" for example) but my only gripe is although it comes with a nice little booklet why couldn't they have included the original sleeves (or any sleeves at all)? This means I still want an original Barfight 7"-any sellers?

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