Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Blacklisted-Peace on earth....7" Tour sleeve

A few weeks I caught Blacklisted in Manchester on their UK tour and very good they were too. Apart from being impressed with their live preformance I also managed to pick up a limited tour press of their almost classic 7" 'Peace on earth war on stage' which was released on Deathwish back in 2007. This version is limited to just 100 and has an alternative sleeve. On the front, it's a bit Crass like while on the back is either a nod or a diss to Ray Cappo. It's on black vinyl. I don't know how many regular copies were pressed on black but I know DW usually put everything out on colour (and about a million different colours for each release too). Anway I'm glad I got this. I love getting one off releases or special versions at gigs-it's a nice reminder and I'm not into shirts like I used to be so I'm always stoked when I manage to grab some vinyl goodies which I can play in a few years time and remember an awesome show.

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