Thursday, 14 October 2010

Electric Wizard-Dopethrone 2xLP

Released back in 2004-Dopethrone became an instant classic and also a very desirable collector's item. Since Electric wizard stuff on vinyl usually commands high prices and many regard this as their finest moment-it was safe to say that this in any of it's various pressings was worth a few quid-even the bog standard black vinyl went for £50+, some of the more limited colour versions were and still are demanding silly money. Thankfully Rise above have re-released this (on black) so people like me who missed out the first time don't have to pay through the nose. I picked this up from my local store (yes I'm blessed to have an independent record store just a mile away from my home). I only had a CD-r previously so I was stoked to have it on my deck in haed wax format. I'd forgotten how fucking great this album is. This is doom at it's heaviest and bleakest. You can feel the misery pouring out of the speakers. I love the track 'we hate you'. What a great title and it sums up the whole vibe of the album. No happy go songs on here.

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Rob Talbot said...

Fucking awesome album.