Friday, 3 September 2010

Orange 9mm-s/t 12" Light green

Although this probably isn't the most valuable record I own it could possibly be the rarest as according to the rev discography there are just only 3 of these in existence (and yes this has been compared to a dark green one). Check it out at
When this came out in 1994 the youth crew era which Revelation had earlier doccumented with their first few releases seemed like ancient history (bear in mind this was before the late 90's revival and before any of the reunions). This was a part of the post hardcore sounds that Rev were commited to putting out around then. Personally I was never blown away by this band. I felt there were many much better bands and records out around the time and even on Rev (like the criminally underrated and long forgotten 'Filter the infection' 12" ep by Statue). That was just my opinion anyway as they were signed up to a major not long afterwards and released a full length album (which I still have in my collection somewhere). Listening to it again now I'm still pretty much under the same opinion. It's not bad at all but it's certainly no classic. It's very groovy and sounds extremely very 90's but it does have some sort of freshness about it still. Either that or I'm just stuck in a time warp. Saying all that, I am pretty chuffed to own a copy of this. Makes me feel very exclusive. I wonder who owns the other two.


Alternate 1995 said...

I know what the rev.txt says but I believe there's more than 3 in existence. I have one

And I've seen one or 2 on HYE lists. The person I got mine from bought it in a store sealed. So there must be a bunch more out there. Probably a lot of people don't even realize they have the light green one.

Mark-Sandwell said...

You're probably right but it's a mystery for sure how many there are out there. Who knows. eh?

mcs said...

Definitely more than three. Definitely.

Unfortunately, I don't have one either. Bummed.