Saturday, 11 September 2010

DRI Crossover LP

Here is a record very close to my heart. Back in 1987 I was a spotty chubby 15 year old with a mullet listening to thrash metal and just about to embark on my life long journey into hardcore. I remember getting a tape of this (with SOD's speak English or die on the other other side) and being blown away. I was already really into Suicidal Tendencies and Agnostic front so I wanted more hardcore/metal and this was just the ticket. The name 'Crossover' sums this album up perfectly. Many hardcore bands were crossing over into metal and many metalheads like myself were going the other way-getting more in to hardcore punk-both the music and the ideals. 23 years after it's first release on Roadrunner/Roadracer, Beer city have repressed this amazing record (along with 'dealing with it' and the two 7"s-all of which are on my shopping list). 1100 pressed on red. That seems a high number now but funny enough back in the day it wasn't-vinyl was still the main format. CDs were still very new and only really bought by Dire Straits fans and Yuppies (same thing really) and it was long before people started stealing music online. This was a huge seller at the time. I normally begrudge re-buying represses of records I already have (not that it deters me of course) but I don't feel bad about this and sticking this on the turntable reminds me how I got here in the first place.

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