Saturday, 11 September 2010

Black breath-Heavy breathing LP

Man, it's been a glorious year so far for new music. Some great records and one of my favourites has to be the full length debut album from Black breath. Much better than the 12" they released previously, this time around, although the Motorhead and Discharge influences are still evident, this sounds uncannily very much like the first classic Entombed album (Left hand path). It's almost as if they went to the sound guy in the studio and gave him a copy of that CD and told them that was the exact sound they wanted. Well anyway that's what they got, especially with the guitars. This is full on from start to finish. Southern lord reased this on clear and blue the first time round. The clear version was actually a European exclusive so I feel quite blessed there. I missed the blue one though until the repressing came along in blue and purple. At time of writing this, they're still available so get on it before it vanishes again. They're touring the UK in November, can't wait!!!!

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