Sunday, 11 April 2010

Velocity girl-Copacetic LP

Yeah, this is a surprise for me as well. I usually prefer my stuff hard, heavy and fast but hey everyone has to mellow out sometimes and this is perfect. That said the music is quite hard hitting in places (reminding me a bit of Sunny day real estate) but with beautiful female vocals on top I never bothered with this back in the day for obvious reasons but old age, open mindedness and the fact it was only a quid made me bite the bullet and pick it up and I'm glad I did. I need more now...
Nice red vinyl. Not sure how many were pressed but probably loads as this is a Sub pop Euro release.

My copy came with a poster too. Not that I'll be sticking this on any wall in my house,. It looks like a unpublished still from the film 'revenge of the nerds'. What a bunch of utter geeks!

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Nathan said...

Good choice Mark, this record is an absolute classic for me. Can't believe it took you this long to get into'em though. And people call ME narrow minded!