Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fucked up-Daytrotter 7"

With the chaos that was record store 2010 just gone I decided to do a post of one of the things that I picked up. I did get a Sick of it all 7" on clear but other people will be doing better and more detailed posts about it so I thought I'd cover the other 'hardcore' record that was available on the day. 'Hardcore' is a very loose description of Fucked up these days. They've certainly evolved into a different beast since their early days. These 3 tracks were recorded at the end of 2008 and have wierd a almost trippy vibe about them. Not sure of the pressing info for this. It could be 2000 worldwide (with 500 of them being for the UK) but I could be wrong. I know a very small quanity had diffrent sleeves so no doubt they'll be the ones making coin on ebay. Another one to add to the million fucked up records that I own and one to tick off the list of the million others that I don't have.

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