Monday, 26 April 2010

Subhumans-The day the country died LP

I first heard this album after I traded a copy back in 1996 which is oddly the same timeline between now and when it was first released back in 1982. Straight away I was well into this. I dunno, I was never into much anarcho stuff but there was something about this band which stood out from their peers for me. It's lyrics still stand the test of time and the music is great and intense. I love that artwork on the cover too. What a great sleeve!!! A couple of years ago all the Subhumans' LPs were re-released, remastered but I only recently just found out that they all came out on different colours of vinyl so the hunt starts again. I picked this up first as it's easily my favourite LP by them and if I was going to re-buy any of them then this had to be it. As you tell below it's on a nice (180g) thick red vinyl.
Also you get a nice poster with it (below). I guess this is the same deal with all the other re-releases.

Listening to this again, I'm glad I got another copy. It's still a great album and they are still making really fucking good records (check out 2007's Internal Riot). Just means I need to buy the rest of the buggers again. Bah!!!

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mel said...

SubhumanS are one of the very few bands from the early 80's UK anarcho punk scene that have stood the test of time. I listen to them regularly.