Sunday, 28 March 2010


Years ago trading records used to be my favourite past time but these days it's more of an headache than anything. The Hows your edge board is full of dickheads who just put their collections to show off with no intention of letting any of it go (it's TRADE board, Duh!!!). When you come across someone is actually willing to trade they normally want a ridiculously one sided deal. Anyway I recently got in touch with a good dude called Christian who is actually down for trading stuff on his list and gasp.. wants to do fair swaps. Amazing. Anyway his package turned up the other day and this is what was in it.
The new Buzzoven LP 'Violence from the vaults' on Relapse. Actually it's not new really as these recordings are from 1994 but have never seen the light of day until now. Really good shit. If you like sludge like Eyehategod then you need this. I have their other albums on CD, wish I had the vinyl.
Also included was Corrupted's 'Pasor inferior' 12". I do own some Corrupted vinyl but not much, just a couple of split 7"s with other bands so it was nice to get this. It's a black embossed cover although you probably can't make that out in the above photo. Two long but awesome tracks of Japanese doom (sung in Spanish lyrics!!!). Side two is an hypnotic instrumental.

The thing I was most looking forward to though was 'We live' 2xLP on purple by Electric wizard (on Rise above records). EW usually commands high prices on egay so it was nice to actually get this without parting with a ton of cold cash. As with pretty much all of EW's output it's a beast of a record. And it looks nice on colour vinyl.

All in all a nice trade and I'm looking forward to doing some more with Christian soon. Cheers dude.

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