Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sam's stuff finally shows up

Ages back I bought a huge bundle of 7"s off a dude called Sam. He seemed like a nice bloke but seemed to take forever sending me the damn things. Anyway it took him over 3 weeks after I paid him to finally send me the goods and when he did there were a couple of things missing. So about 2 weeks later he posted the 7"s that he owed me but they never arrived. For some reason the package was returned to him instead of reaching here andhe said he'd re-send them but again, seemed to take forever in doing so. I was starting to think they would never come but this Friday they did, at long fucking last. So we go, first up is the Life's halt/No reply-split with the Simpsons piss take sleeve. How many alternate sleeves does this record actually have? I'm not sure but it's definately quite a few. Apart from the collector headache attached to it, this is a great record of straight up hardcore. I'm sure a Life's halt discography is well overdue. And lets not forget No reply, they were awesome as well.

The other item was the 2nd Cops and Robbers 7" on white vinyl that Bridge nine put out a while. A cracking and overlooked slab of hardcore. B9 sure have a lot of critics and ok some of their recent releases may be a bit iffy (Crime in stereo are simply just fucking shit!!) but they've released some top stuff and this record belongs in that bracket. Not sure how many of these were pressed. Think it's something like 300.
Anyway I'm glad these finally showed up. Sam must be pleased too, beacuse I've finally stopped hassling him.


marcus said...

There are thirty different versions of that Life's Halt 7". Seriously. Thirty. But most only have 23 copies made. Check it here:

Mark-Sandwell said...

cheers Marcus, that's mental.