Saturday, 27 February 2010

No for an answer-you laugh 7" 1st press

Super happy to pick this up in a record shop (remember them?) for just £5. As you can see it comes with all the bits and pieces (even the recycling flyer). This is the first time I've ever owned a first pressing. Don't get me wrong I've always had a copy of this record since I first got into hardcore in the late 80's but it was always a later press. To be honest this wasn't one of my favourite early Rev releases. I always prefer the NYHC sound and this lot were from Orange county but it's still a good record that deserves a spot in any HC collection and was is so better than their disapointing 'a thought crusade' LP that came afterwards (on Hawker/Roadrunner). Still a nice find and at a good price and it's always nice to find records the old fashioned way instead of going through eGay. I believe they're doing a reunion show next month. Check it out. Doubt I'll be going though as it's a bit out of the way for me.

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