Friday, 22 May 2015

Underdog-True blue 7" Blue vinyl

Here’s another record that I never thought I would own-an original new beginnings records pressing of the underdog 7” on blue vinyl. I got a black vinyl version from Marcus in 1998 in a trade and I remember being super stoked at the time as it had been a big want of mine from that period. For a long time I was content with owning just that copy. I knew the blue vinyl existed but I also knew it was rare as rocking horse shit and didn't even think about chasing it.
When Marcus bagged one a couple or so years ago and posted pictures up I realised how awesome it looked. For some reason I’d bought the Bridge nine reissues on colour but the blue vinyl was really the only one that truly mattered.
 Skip forward to this year and thanks to discogs I got a notification that one was available. I didn’t fuck around. Five minutes later I had checked out and the thing was mine.
I’m super happy to have this one. I love everything about it. The Sean Taggart artwork is amazing, the blue vinyl looks rad and the music isn’t too bad either. Another one crossed off the list


mcs said...

Man, you should do a group photo of al the records you have bought so far in 2015. That would be quite the shot!

geoff said...

this is one of those records i have always wanted and just never wanted to pony the money up for. and of course it just keeps going up in value. should have ignore my younger self.

great score for the collection.