Saturday, 9 May 2015

New York city hardcore-together 7" Orange

I’ve not posted for ages. I haven’t had a camera apart from the one on my phone which looks crap but I’ve just borrowed my dad’s until I get round to buying a new one. This year so far has been the best year ever for huge scores but alas it’s been a pricey one. I’ve been rooting through stuff that I’ve decided that I can live without and sticking it on Discogs to fund some of my bigger purchases. One of these was an orange vinyl pressing of the classic revelation compilation 7” ‘Together’. I’m ashamed to admit that until about three years ago I’d never owned a copy but I finally sorted that by splashing out on a regular black vinyl. The orange version has been on my wants list for a very long time and when someone offered me one via private sale (ie no Discogs or Ebay) I decided to jump on it. I love everything about this record from  the packaging and colour of vinyl and of course the obvious awesome music on the wax itself . This is a genuine classic slice of NYHC. Limited to just 400 copies. I’d love a yellow/gold one but I’m not holding my breath anytime soon.

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mcs said...

Good work, sir! This has to be THE defining NYHC record, for me at least. Orange looks awesome.