Friday, 7 December 2012

Operation Ivy-Hectic 12" Clear

Originally released back in 1988 on Lookout records, nearly quarter of a century later Hellcat records have decided to reissue this again but on 12". Don't ask why. Sure it looks nice but it seems pretty pointless to be honest not that didn't deter me from buying a clear vinyl copy. I can try and justify to myself that I don't own an original anymore but I still feel a bit of a dick for being suckered into getting this.
 Never been a fan of Ska so Ska punk has never really done much for me but for some reason I always had a soft spot for these guys when I first heard them back in the early 90's. This record is a lot rawer than the now legendary album. It's nice to hear this again and at least I can file it away now with the LP but still I reckon I must have 'idiot' tatoo on my forehead that only I can't see.

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