Friday, 28 December 2012

Jerry's Kids -Kill, kill, kill LP

Every self respecting hardcore collector should own a copy of the first Jerry’s Kids LP ‘Is this my world’ (preferably an original on X-Claim) but hardly anyone ever mentions the second LP (Kill, kill, kill). Released at the end of the 80’s  on Taang ( and licensed through Europe on Emergo) this album saw Jerry’s kids go in a more rock/metal direction  not unlike their Boston comrades (and old X-claim label mates)  SSD and DYS but the difference being that their later stuff wasn’t utter dog shit. To be honest like many other folk I still never bothered with this until a while ago when I came across it in a file of Boston HC MP3s that I downloaded and was surprised that it was actually pretty decent. By no means a classic and certainly not essential (unlike their debut) but still worth picking up at a decent price. As luck would have someone I knew was selling it cheap so there it was-a good excuse to add it to the collection….unfortunately that second DYS album still lives there.


Mike said...

Great record. I can never remember what movie the front cover was pulled from. I figure that you must know!

Mark-Sandwell said...

Nightmares in a damaged brain-ive only just noticed actually.