Saturday, 22 December 2012

Boston Strangler-Primitive LP

One of the most sought after recent hardcore albums in years-this started going for silly money straight away. Probably because it wasn't clear who had released it and where you could actually purchase  a copy (apart from ebay and discogs). Anyway it turned out that Fun with smack records put this out although getting a copy was still tricky. Mike got in touch sending a link to their big cartel site when some were available but when I finally logged on they were gone, damn!!! A couple of weeks later he alerted me when more were available and this time time I got lucky. Only snag that it was part of a combo package deal where you had purchase a record by a Dinosaur Jr-esque band called Mudlark-with a name like that it's no wonder the only way to shift their album was by paring it up with a highly sought item. Actually that record isn't too bad but no way would have I had bought it individually.
 So not much needs to said about boston strangler-even if you know nothing about them the name should indicate what they sound like-Total '82 Boston HC worship-oh and they come from Boston too.. This is a instant classic. Thanks Mike again.


mcs said...

Dude, I can't believe you're not talking more about the Mudlark LP!

Mike said...

Glad that you were finally able to get your hands on a copy.